United States Military Training Program

Is your son or daughter preparing to join the military? Let us help you get them prepared. We get them up early and introduce them to a tough regime of fitness, discipline, and military knowledge. Supported by local military recruiters, we build strong character, and support their transition into military life. Our founder is a former United States Marine and he has several volunteers with the same experiences. Together we offer a program Monday through Friday that teaches youth about the military and prepares them mentally and physically for their chosen path.

Success Story
Ralph Trujillo


Ralph came into the program with a bad attitude, trouble with school, gang affiliation, substance abuse issues, criminal misconduct and extremely over-weight. After several years of adult mentoring and physical fitness, he joined the Army and served a tour in Afghanistan. He is now a productive member of society, volunteer youth sports coach, happily married father raising his two children and is thankful to the mentors that saved his life. Without positive role models, many of our youth wind up either dead or in prison.