Welcome to the Youth Corps of America, Inc. We are a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization established in 2003. Our programs are designed for at-risk children, families, and the people that support them. We offer programs in schools, Parks and Recreation facilities, and communities. We are dedicated to facilitating innovative and effective research-based prevention programs. Our program focuses on building resiliency skills that allow youth to bounce back from adversity. Programs start with a community assessment and end with program evaluations. Our proven approach has changed the lives of many youth, many of which serve as volunteer in our programs today.

“Every young person wants to feel important and valued in some way. We create a family atmosphere that promotes leadership and encourages participants to succeed while giving them a sense of belonging. Within our programs, No one sits on the bench. We value each and every one’s personal experience and provide tools and leadership that encourage healthy growth into adult hood.Christopher D. Valdez CEO/Founder.

Mission Statement:
Our Mission is to provide innovative research based prevention programs to youth and families in Southern Arizona.

Vision Statement:
TYCOA views youth as our future of America, and building strong compassionate leaders for tomorrow is our priority.

Currently, Chris Valdez is the Executive Director overseeing all aspects of TYCOA and leading all volunteers.